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We offer a complete category for your Fleet needs. Everything from Cargo and Shelving to electronics like Power Locks, Windows, and Safety Warning Systems can make sure your company is upfitted for a safe and productive job. We are the trusted commercial fleet installer in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

Tow Hitches

Get ready for tough tows

We install tow hitches on all accommodating trucks, vans, and SUVs. Select from our quality and long-lasting tow hitchestrailer hitch receivers, and towing accessories. Having the properly rated hitch is the first step in towing a trailer. We sell and install Class 3, 4, and 5 receiver hitches to fit your towing needs. Also available are 5th Wheel hitches for the big 2 or 3 axle trailers. Slider hitches are available for short bed pickup trucks. We also install Gooseneck Hitches for car hauling and trucks used in the livestock or horsemanship / rodeo industry.  Brake controllers are also available to control your towing experience.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers (truck bed covers) protect your valuables from rain, snow, wind, sunlight, prying eyes and thieves.

Tonneau covers come in many different designs, from simple roll-up and folding models to retractable designs. We install a variety of options including soft folding, hard folding, and toolbox tonneau covers. Many include lifetime warranties.

Hard cover tonneau covers provide more protection. Folding Truck Bed Covers come in hard multi-panel tonneau covers and soft tri-folding tonneau covers. Hard folding tonneaus offer the most security and protection. A soft tri-fold tonneau cover offers fast installation and fast  removal. Looking for an affordable truck bed cover that opens and closes quickly? The soft roll-up tonneau cover may be for you. Roll-up tonneau covers come in a variety of styles including snap, snapless and Velcro rolling truck bed covers.

We install high-quality name brands of tonneau covers.

Tonneau covers installation for cars and trucks SUVs in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.
best tube steps installation for cars and trucks SUVs in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

Step Tubes and Assist Steps

Add function and style with our selection of Running Boards, Nerf Bars, Tube Steps and Step Bars.

Trucks and SUVs — especially lifted trucks and SUVs — are much easier to access with step tubes and assist steps. Luckily, truck and SUV owners have many options that work and look great. Add functionality and style with our selection of step bars, running boards, electric running boards, nerf bars, hoop steps, truck steps, wheel to wheel bars, sliders, assist steps and bed steps.

Spray-On Bedliners

Protect your truck bed and its contents with a custom spray-on bed liner.

You own a truck to haul things. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of hauling things can scratch and damage your truck bed. A spray-on bed liner is a perfect solution to protect your truck bed. A spray-on bed liner provides UV protection from the sun, maintains the value of your vehicle, and protects your truck bed against corrosion, scratches, scarring, moisture and other normal damage with a layer of great-looking armor. 

And you have many color options to choose from. Spray-on bed liners are non-slip and prevent items from shifting as you drive. That protects the contents you load in your truck bed. The spray-on application guarantees a custom fit so they look great, too. And they are easy to repair if they ever become damaged by wear or unusual abuse.

Sprayon bedliner installation for cars and trucks SUVs in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

Drop-In Bedliners

Protect your truck bed and its contents with a fitted drop-in bed liner.

A drop-in bed liner is a quick and easy way to protect the bed of your truck from damage associated with loading cargo. Drop-in bed liners are made of a thin material that sits directly on top of the paint. Our sturdy drop-in bedliners are custom-fitted for your truck and provide durable protection against scratches, dents, and color fading. Drop-in truck bedliners also protect your cargo against damage from your truck bed. 

Lift / Leveling Kits

Lift your truck, JEEP or SUV a little or a lot with our suspension and lift kit packages.

Get your truck, JEEP, or SUV ready for off-road action and add street style with a suspension package. Our suspension kits, lift kits, and leveling kits for Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge RAM, Toyota, Jeep and other popular models add a little clearance or a lot. You will be hauling heavier loads and clearing more challenging terrain in a flash with our selection of suspension kits.

We install suspension packages from top name brands.

Lift Kit installation for Jeeps Bronco cars and trucks SUVs in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

Powered Liftgates

You will love the hands-free convenience of your power liftgate.

Power liftgates are one of the most convenient and popular aftermarket installations available today. A power liftgate on your SUV, hatchback, or minivan lets you open and close the back hatch door at the touch of a button or swipe of your foot. Button options are available on your key fob and within arms reach from your driver’s seat. You can also select a hands-free option with a sensor under your rear bumper. Wave your foot beneath the sensor and your power lift gate opens and closes automatically. Power liftgates are especially convenient when you have your hands full of groceries or other items

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