Convenience and Entertainment

 The latest in convenience and entertainment

Enjoy your drive by upgrading your vehicle with the latest in technology. We are your choice for radar and laser detection, in-car entertainment and smartphone integration in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

Overhead DVD

Long rides are more fun with a drop-down DVD player

Overhead DVD players are an easy way to add a video system to any vehicle. These monitors are mounted in place of your dome light or in a blank location on your ceiling headliner. Fold the monitor down when in use and fold it up to conceal it when not needed. Play your favorite DVDs for long road tris or keep the kids happy when you are driving around town.

Seatback System

Enjoy travel with a convenient video system.

Keep kids and other backseat passengers entertained with a headrest car DVD player. Headrest monitors and built-in DVD headrests are an elegant way to add a video system that looks like it belongs in your interior. Add multiple headrest DVD players with headphone jacks so everyone can watch and listen to what they want without disturbing anyone else. 

Power Liftgate

You will love the hands-free convenience of your power liftgate.

Power liftgates are one of the most convenient and popular aftermarket installations available today. A power liftgate on your SUV, hatchback, or minivan lets you open and close the back hatch door at the touch of a button or swipe of your foot. Button options are available on your key fob and within arms reach from your driver’s seat. You can also select a hands-free option with a sensor under your rear bumper. Wave your foot beneath the sensor and your power lift gate opens and closes automatically. Power liftgates are especially convenient when you have your hands full of groceries or other items

Radar / Laser Protection Systems

Prevent expensive speeding tickets with our custom installed radar and laser detectors.

A radar/laser detector helps save you from expensive speeding tickets. It is also a reminder to slow down in heavy traffic areas, schools, and bad weather. Radar guns measure speed via specific radio waves. Laser guns measure light reflection and are more accurate. It is important to install a detector that monitors both radar and laser signals. Many new radar and laser detectors now include App Connectivity (via Bluetooth or WiFi) that combines your GPS location with real time traffic reports and a preloaded database of red light and radar cameras on your route.  

Smart/Learning detectors remember high-risk enforcement areas and remind you the next time you enter those zones. And the latest technology virtually eliminates false alerts. The use of detectors in private vehicles is legal in all states, with the exception of Virginia and Washington DC. Minnesota and California prohibit affixing items to windshields, so we recommend custom installed systems.

Police laser guns — known as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) — are short-range (typically 1000 feet) and pinpoint accurate. 

We sell and install the latest radar and laser detectors from K40. The detectors detect the latest variable pulse rate (VPR) guns used today. K40 Laser Defusers  provide long-range 360 degree police radar detection with the K40 Platinum360 and dual receiver protection. Or select K40 Platinum200 single receiver protection. K40 is so confident in their Laser Defusers that they include a one-year Ticket-Free Guarantee. 

Car Play and Android Auto Integration

Connect your smartphone to your vehicle for seamless integration.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto seamlessly integrate your smartphone through your vehicle’s color touch-screen display. Access Apple Music and Apple Maps, make hands-free phone calls, send messages and more using your vehicle’s touchscreen or with your voice through Siri. Android Auto compatibility seamlessly connects your compatible Android smartphone to your vehicle’s touchscreen display, so you can get directions using Google Maps, listen to music via Play Music, make hands-free phone calls, respond to messages and more. 

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