Safety and Driver Assist

 The latest in convenience and security technology

Adding a Remote Start, Backup Camera, Blind Spot Detection, Lane Departure Alert or Park Assist System increases seafety for you and your loved one. Contact us for installation in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

Viper remote start installed in cars and trucks in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

Remote Car Starters

Warm up and cool down your vehicle interior before you get in.

A remote start allows you to securely start your car, truck, or SUV from up to 1500 feet away. On cold mornings, it warms your interior so you always slide into a toasty seat with defrosted windows. On hot days, it cools your vehicle so you and your family always enter a comfortable environment. 

In addition to comfort, a remote start makes your commute safer with clear windshield and windows in winter weather. It also warms your engine and motor oil before you drive for longer engine life. We have many options and price points to let you select the perfect remote start for you.

Security Alarm Systems

Protect your investment and its contents with a state-of-the-art security system.

You have invested a lot of money in your vehicle and the best way to protect it is with an advanced vehicle security system. A security system prevents thieves from stealing you vehicle with attention-getting siren alarms and anti-theft technology. 

Security alarm systems also prevent someone from breaking into it your vehicle, damaging it, and stealing the contents. Passive alarms are armed as soon as the ignition turns off and the doors are closed. Active systems require you to press a button on your key fob to arm and disarm the alarm. Talk to our experts for the alarm system that is right for you and your vehicle.

vehicle and car security systems installed in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

GPS Tracking

Track your vehicles for commercial fleet and business use and for personal security with GPS tracking systems.

GPS vehicle tracking systems are an excellent option for commercial fleet vehicles and for private vehicles. For commercial fleet and business use, GPS trackers let you know where your company’s vehicles are located to track your drivers and employees. For your private vehicle, a GPS tracker allows you and the police to know the location of your vehicle if it is ever stolen. A quality advanced-technology OBD vehicle tracker can alert you if someone attempts to disable the device.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind-Spot Monitoring helps you avoid accidents in traffic.

Blind-spot monitoring systems are one of the most effective technologies available on the road today. Blind-spot monitoring systems consists of numerous detection devices located around the exterior of your vehicle. 

These small devices are engineered to sense the movement of traffic in areas that are hard for you to see with only the side and rearview mirrors. The blind-spot monitoring system alerts you to possible danger with a visible light or alarm on the mirror or dash, a warning sound, and in some systems the driver’s seat vibrates.

Driver assist and lane detection system installed in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

Backup Camera Systems

Improve safety and eliminate accidents with a rear view camera.

Every vehicle has a rear blind zone. That blind zone is about 25 feet for a minivan or SUV and 50 feet for pickup trucks. Rear View Cameras allow you to verify that the space behind your vehicle is clear of children, toys, tools and other items. You can be assured of safety in any driveway or busy parking lot. 

We install backup cameras and warning systems that match your vehicle’s exterior and provide simple monitoring devices on your dash or rearview mirror. Most back-over accidents take place in residential driveways or parking lots. Improve safety and reduce accidents and damage with a custom-installed rear view camera.

Park Assist

Park Assist Sensors

Front and rear sensors provide accurate distancing that measure the proximity to an approaching object, either in front or behind the vehicle. The sensors alert the driver with a beeping tone that gets faster and more frequent as the object approaches. They come black or color keyed to match your factory paint code.
Parking assist system installed in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

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