Sunroofs & Moonroofs

Personalize your vehicle with comfort and style

Upgrade your vehicle with a Power Moonroof to enjoy your ride. We specialize in sunroof installation for all types of vehicles and also offer full repairs or replacement on your existing sunroof. We are the sunroof headquarters in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

Power Sunroofs

Increase your style, let in the sun and stars, and have more fun with a sunroof.

Sunroofs provide a lot of pleasure and increase your resale value for a minimal cost. During the day, a moonroof illuminates your vehicle’s interior and provides a roomier feel. In the evening, it provides a beautiful window to the stars. 

Every inbuilt sunroof matches the look and finish of your vehicle‘s exterior and blends into the interior for a sophisticated finish. 

Sunroofs and moonroofs ventilate air flow much quieter than open windows, allowing you to hear conversation and music. They improve the look and style of every vehicle, from the inside and outside. If you ever sell your vehicle, a sunroof or moonroof will bring you a higher price and trade-in value than a regular roof. 

The best feature? They are fun! There is NOTHING like cruising with the top open on a beautiful day. Automotive Concepts is the first choice for sunroof installation in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul area.

We install inbuilt sunroofs and moonroofs from Webasto, one of the world’s most respected brands. Webasto has been developing and manufacturing quality sunroofs for more than 60 years.

Power Sunroof Top Sliders

A sleek option for most vehicles.

We install power top sliding sunroofs  sunroofs and moonroofs from Webasto, one of the world’s most respected brands. A top-slider sunroof provides fresh air flow on demand, a wide view of the sky and stars, and power controls. Multiple sizes and styles are available to fit your personal preference and vehicle. 
Popup sunroofs for cars and trucks SUVs in Kernersville, Raleigh, Fletcher and Roanoke.

Pop-Up Sunroofs

Enjoy sun and fresh air at an attractive price.

Discover the pleasant, bright space and fresh air at an attractive price with a pop-up sunroof by Webasto. A pop-up sunroof fits in almost any car, truck, SUV and van with an attractive and stylish design. If you prefer more air, most models allow you to remove the fully detachable glass panel.

Van Windows

Improve the look and functionality with our van window options.

Add style, visibility, ventilation and natural light with aftermarket windows for your van. We install a variety of sizes and styles to cargo vans, camper vans, Sprinter style vans, and other similar vehicles. Our many tinting options add privacy and UV protection.

Sunroof Repair

Fast repairs for all sunroof models.

Broken sunroof? Leaking Sunroof? No problem. Tops and Trends is your best choice for sunroof repairs in the Raleigh area. Our technicians fix all types of sunroofs in all vehicles to get you back on the road quickly.

Sunroof Glass Replacement

Fast sunroof glass repairs and replacement for all vehicles.

We replace sunroof and moonroof glass on all vehicles. Cracked sunroof glass? Chipped Sunroof glass? No need to spend all day searching  ‘sunroof and glass replacement near me’, or calling auto glass shops and body shops, because the aftermarket installer you trust can fix it fast. 

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